Mayer EMI - Data Pack May'23 (V2.20)
Mayer EMI - Data Pack May'23 (V2.20)

Ressources Item Code: PATP-EMI-2023.05

61 new presets in 8 categories for your MD900

24 new wavetables

21 new multisample items for sample (Noise) oscillator

Download: MD900-Preset-Package-May-2023 (V2.20)

(Downloadsize: 625 MB)

(This Package includes the Dec'22 Packages)



Preset Package:

Copy the content (unzipped) of '' onto the MD900 USB Stick
The Stick shold contain the 'MD900-Data-Package-V2.20.D.md900..pkg' and a 'md900-data-pack' directory in the root
Put the MD900 USB Stick into your MD900 and follow the instructions on the MD900's display