Mayer EMI - Data Pack June'23
Mayer EMI - Data Pack June'23

Ressources Item Code: PATP-EMI-2023.06


•    4 Melodic Techno Demo Arrangements


•    23 Drum Samples

Presets ( from Artists: Mayer-EMI , Limbic bits )

•    34 Presets (Lead, Textures, Pads, Arp, Bass …)  - ( Find them in Category JUN23 )

•    18 Arrangement specific presets -  ( Find them in Category ARR-PACK )

Download: MD900-Preset-Package-June-2023

(Downloadsize: 193 MB)

YouTube: Watch a Demo (no talking) created by Limbic Bits)


Preset Package:

Install instructions:
  1. Download the
  2. Extract the contents of the zip to the Mayer-EMI USB Stick
  3. Make sure that the USB Stick's root contains
    The File: MD900-Data-Package-JUN23.md900.pkg
    The Folder: md900-data-pack
    With the File: data-pack-jun23.tar.gz
  4. Optional: Move other *.md900.pkg files into a backup folder (For example into the folder 'md900-system-packages' )
    (Otherwise each *.md900.pkg Package will be offered to be installed)
  5. Plug the USB-Stick into the MD900
  6. Choose 'Yes' if you are asked to apply the 'MD900-Data-Package-JUN23.md900.pkg'
  7. Choose 'No' if you don't want to apply the package shown on screen
  8. Follow the instructions on the MD900 Screen