MEXP - XVAOS Changelog

MD900 XVAOS Update V2.20.D

New: Shaper implementation

New: LFO New Square, Puls, Sin wave formes

New: LFO Editable Custom wave form

New: Drum Track Midi Sequencer support

New: Filter TYPE: the user needs to see the type

New: New Filter Type KORG 35 Lowpass

New: Matrix checkbox for unipolar/ bipolar

New: Unison Phases should be reset

New: Auto Phase Reset on AD Curves should be able to enable/disable this feature

New: It should be possible to re-order the effects

New: Sample Oscillator (Noise) support for multisamples

New: OscConfig for Pitch / Phase / Modulation options

New: PART Panel crash sometime need to be improved as well

New: Modulatuion should be switchable between Linear(Legacy) and Exponentioal

New: DELETE of a Preset

New: Forward Midi Messages received through CAN to Midi system

Enh: Preset FIX SHAPER (Pregain)

Enh: Matrix add new sources / destinations

Enh: GUI shows LFO Output already before delay is elapsed

Enh: Category not deselected if Arrangement is loaded

Enh: Filter Keyboard track must be improved

Enh: Matrix Source [FIX, MIDI.pitch] AMP.AM

Enh: One shot on Envelope Generators

Fix: OSC Config change AM Offset changes FM Factor

Fix: Modulation Matrix Source RANDOM & #NOTE not working

Fix: Event based Source in Matrix doesn't work (MIDIMOD,MIDIPITCH, MIDI-#Note, RANDOM)

Fix: SHAPER. Pregain modulation is not assignable in the Matrix

Fix: Adjusting modulation amounts in the matrix "forgets" the current level of the source

Fix: Very loud "pops" when enabling LP24

Fix: Silent BUG

Fix: LFO has delay even delay value = 0

Fix: Keyboard Keyboard in (PARTs) after opened unusual Category & Preset Label was shown

Fix: wrong preset list in parts show after arrangement was loaded

Fix: TOUCH moving in vertical direction events lost

Fix: Filter A Cutoff change Filter B cutoff without LINK

Fix: Filter A Cutoff label doen't work on link

Fix: Filter ENV is wrong (not exponential)

Fix: Filter KBD Track wrong (is not Exponentiell)

Fix: Stereo Delay some Initalization bug (loud noise)

Fix: Synth hangs on Startup GUI Master (Painting ScopeView)

Fix: Filter "EXP" mode Filter.mod not work

Fix: Switch between OSCWT & OSCALG set Focus Led without focus on the main Display

Fix: NOISE OSC Crash on FM Modulation great negative Values

Fix: Copy Drum Clip (TRACK 5) won't work

Fix: LFO won't show user wave table after loading preset

Fix: FX Stereo Delay Max Time = 0.000

MD900 XVAOS Update V2.11.B

Fix: MG VCF LP,BP,HP filters runs in denormals #2

Fix: Active USB Midi Device disconnect cause hang up GUI, USB, Audio

Enh: CAN2Midi Bridge activated

MD900 XVAOS Update V2.10.E

Enhancement: Increase Cutoff Panel changes lag speed

Fix: Midi Device sometime hangs the gui after remap

Fix: Amount Value setting scales wrong within Matrix Assign Mode

Fix: MG VCF LP,BP,HP filters runs in denormals

Fix: Switching PART does not reset Matrix Assign Mode

Fix: Focus-key mixer followed by Focus-key LFO, the LFO nr changes

Fix: Focus LED on Panel want lit sometime